Norwegian children living abroad lose Norwegian training

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The government proposes to discontinue the scheme with the Norwegian children living abroad receiving tuition over the internet. This means a total of 1,600  pupils are in danger of losing their Norwegian training.

The children in the scheme attend local schools worldwide. In addition to the tuition they get in their local schools, they get  online training in the subjects Norwegian, social studies and Krle.The tuition is based on the Norwegian curriculum for primary schools.

– In  the budget proposal for 2017  the government points out that these students get tuition they  are not entitled to by law.

The result would then be that the offer terminated when this school year’s end,  Lilli Røv, headmaster in the Global School, which offers lessons for Norwegian students abroad.

She also reacts to the arguement that the scheme is not statutory.

– There are very many grants from the state budget which are given in order for  important purposes to be achieved, even if the users’ needs are not statutory rights.

That Norwegian children living abroad are to be able to return to Norway and quickly adjust to being pupils at Norwegian schools without any major difficulties, is among those kinds of important purposes, she says, and argues that good Norwegian language skills are important for success in other school subjects.

– And lessons in social studies and Krle contributes to an understanding of Norwegian traditions and values. This provides them with a sense a identity  while you are living abroad and is of great help when they return,  the headmaster of the Global School says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today