Norwegian language exam for 14,000 immigrants is cancelled this week


The completion of the written part of the Norwegian exam for 14,000 adult immigrants is being stopped this week due to IT problems.


“There have been major login problems across most parts of the country,”said Gørild Steen, principal of Skullerud adult education in Oslo, to NTB news on Friday.

The Directorate of Competence Norway are responsible for conducting the test,while Enovate is a technical supplier. Steen said that every year there are problems, but it takes a long time to see improvements.

“We are extremely critical of this work because the supplier doesn’t deliver the quality the participants deserve,” said Steen.

100 sent home

On Monday, Steen told of 100 participants in the Norwegian language exam being sent home due to technical problems.

Competence Norway stated that they will return to possible trial implementationas soon as they get a better overview of the problems that have arisen.

‘’Safety of the sample is the first priority. Now, we are investigating whether the servers are exposed to external influences,” said Gina Lund, the Norwegian Competence Director.

Residence permits and citizenship

“We are aware of the challenges that this entails and regret them strongly. At the same time, the Norwegian language exam is important because it is the entry condition for both residence permits and citizenship in Norway,” said Lund.

She said they are working with the technical service provider to solve the problems.

“We are now working with Enovate to solve the problems, so that the Norwegian test can be carried out flawlessly and safely.


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