Norwegian parents are less satisfied with the schools

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Norwegian parents are less satisfied with both primary and secondary schools than last year, according to a new survey that Norstat has carried out for EPSI Norway.

Primary schools get a score of 65.8 out of 100 this year, against 70.1 in 2018. Junior schools score 70.3 in 2019, against 73.5 last year.

A score above 75 indicates a high level of satisfaction.

Parents less satisfied
When it comes to high school, the parents are both less satisfied than the students and less satisfied than in 2018. This year the parents gave a score of 68.8, against 72.9 in 2018.

The parents believe, among other things, that the social environment has deteriorated over the past year.

The students gave a score 72.4 this year. That is up from 69.6 in 2018, which was the first year that high school students were asked in the survey.

They gave the teachers a better score than the parents do and believe that the social environment at school is better than the parents think.

However, the students consider the school’s facilities and equipment to be inferior compared to their parents opinions.

Students at universities and colleges are less satisfied with their schools than last year, while students at the folk high school are more satisfied.

Private kindergartens do best
In the daycare sector, parents with children in private kindergartens are most satisfied.

Municipal kindergartens received a score of 75.2, while private kindergartens scored 80.6. This year too, the private kindergartens are thus performing best, which has been the case since 2010. The biggest differences between private and municipal kindergartens relate to the quality of food and outdoor activities and tours.

The kindergarten sector as a whole has a score of 78 this year. This is somewhat lower than in 2018 (78.8) and 2017 (79.5).

Nearly 1,300 people were interviewed for the survey, which took place in November.

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