Norwegian students among those who work the most in Europe

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Norway is among the countries in Europe where students work jobs alongside studies the most, shows a European survey. Two out of three Norwegian students work as well as study.


That is more than in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, wrote Khrono newspaper.

In total, 66.6% of Norwegian students reported that they work and study (regularly or occasionally). The only ones who work more are Icelandic students (at 68.2 %).

This was shown in figures from the Eurostudent International European Study, in which students from 28 countries participated. On average,over half of the European students worked next to the studying during times when they actually have lectures.

On average, those who work, do so between five and twenty hours a week on paid jobs next to their studies.

The report drew Norway alongside Iceland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic,and Estonia as a country where the most students work. It also showed that the older the students are, the more common it is that they have paid work next to the studies.

The head of the Norwegian Student Organisation (NSO), Mats J. Beldo, isn’t surprised.

“We know that students in Norway need to work to make it possible. Study funding is too low, and the fact that Norwegian students work more than in other countries shows that we can’t afford to be full-time students’’, he told Khrono newspaper.

Students in Norway are currently paid 108,250 kroner per academic year in basic support.


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