Nybø advises students against applying to UK colleges and universities this fall

United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom Flag.Photo: Pixabay

Due to the danger of the British stumbling out of the EU, Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø (V) warns Norwegian students against applying to the UK.

If the British were to stumble out of the EU in the coming months, the international exchange program Erasmus+ could be hit.

Through the exchange program students who participate receive extra scholarships and free tuition fees.

“It is not necessarily certain that this will automatic transfer in new agreements,” says Iselin Nybø to Dagens Næringsliv.

The Minister of Research and Higher Education cannot guarantee that Norwegian exchange students in the UK will be allowed to take the exam at a hard brexit, and discourage students from choosing the country as a place of study this fall due to the Brexit uncertainty.

Students who are already in an exchange program in the UK are going to be able to complete the program without any problems, the newspaper writes.

Educational policy spokesman Marit Strand from the Center Party believes Nybø and the government’s attitude to the UK is too passive.

“This is a passive attitude to one of our most important neighboring countries and an important partner for both academia and business. We believe the government must take responsibility and ensure good cooperation with the UK regardless of the outcome of brexit,” says Strand to NTB.

The UK has traditionally been a popular country for Norwegian students to go on exchange. One third of Norwegian exchange students go to the British Isles, and between 400 and 500 students are sent annually to the UK at Erasmus+ exchange.

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