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The oil crisis worries students

The oil crisis worries studentsThe oil industry.Photo

The lean times in the oil industry frightens students. 7 percent said they have considered switching study programs as a result of the oil crisis.

The figure comes from a survey made by Sentio on behalf of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) and Universitas. 7 percent of the student population in Norway corresponds to 20,000 students.
In the survey, participants were also asked what they thought would affect their future most. 29 percent said the crisis in the petroleum industry, and this means that climate change is the only thing that frightens Norwegian students more than the fall in oil prices.
Expertise Director Are Turmo NHO would not recommend students to change their studies due to the uncertainties in the labor market.
– Norway need this kind of expertise, but at the same time we are also focusing on improving skills related to green industries further,  Turmo says to Universitas.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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