One in five children dreads going to school

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One in five children dreads going to school

One in five children dreads to go to school, according to a study. Several also say that they do not have anyone to be together with in their free time or between classes.


-Do you often dread to go to school? Was one of the questions 6,500 pupils in the 5th to 7th grade in Asker and Bærum in Akershus were asked to respond to.

Bærum municipality took the initiative to the survey, and the Youth Data Center at the Norwegian Institute of Welfare Research NOVA at Oslo University College and Akershus has developed the questionnaire in collaboration with the Norwegian Center for Competence, Region East and the municipalities.

Further research necessary

Why the children are dreadful is still unclear and ought to be researched more.

– But many respond in the survey that they are dreading tests. That can be one reason. Some are afraid to speak in front of the class, and some respond that they are being bullied. It may also be that they are dreadful because they think it’s boring at school. We will investigate this further, says researcher Mette Løvgren to Aftenposten.

Løvgren says to the research magazine Viten + Praksis that the most important finding is that most children in Bærum and Asker are doing well, but there are children who do not have friends.

According to Løvgren, some of the children also express that they are dissatisfied with themselves, with their parents or with school.

– Although these do not represent more than a few per cent of the children in the municipalities, this is a group whose be focused on regarding further work with children and young people, emphasizes Løvgren.

The director of the Youth Center, Anders Bakken, says it would be interesting to see if the results are similar in other municipalities in Norway.


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