One in five got better grades after complaining

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One out of five who complained about their exam grade in elementary school or high school went up one or more grades, according to Aftenposten.

A review by Aftenposten of 37,819 exam complaints from across the country over the past four years also shows that in eight out of ten cases the grade remained as they were, and that less than 1 % of the complaints resulted in the students dropping in grade.

From 2016 and 2019, between 208,000 and 214,000 exam answers were delivered in the spring term in the 25 largest subjects in primary and secondary education. These exams were complained every year between 9,000 and 9,800 times, which is 4.3 %.

The subjects that were worth complaining about the most were English 10th grade and social science. 32 % of those who complained received a better rating. The fewest that received better grades were in the subjects math 2P and math 2P-Y (practical mathematics), where 3.3 % achieved a better result, the newspaper writes.

Department Director Per Kristian Larsen-Evjen of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet) says the assessment of the examination as it is today, with open assignments that do not have just one correct answer, will always mean discretion and thus that sensors do not always agree completely.

No one profits by the fact that there is a variety of grades, but it is difficult to draw clear conclusions from these figures alone, says Larsen-Evjen.

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