One in three students suffers from sleep problems

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31%, i.e. close to one in three students, suffer from sleep problems according to the Students’ Health and Well-being Survey from 2018.

Often it’s about a bad circadian rhythm according to sleep scientist, Bjørn Bjorvatn. Daytime rhythm problems mean that you get to sleep in the evening and struggle to sleep before long into the night.

‘’Once they have fallen asleep, sleep is good and deep. And if they are not awakened, they can sleep well throughout the day. These are typical symptoms of delayed sleep phase disorder. The problem arises because they have to get up early and thus before they are ready. This gives increased fatigue during the day’’ said Bjorvatn to Aftenposten newspaper.

The sleep disorder, insomnia, which is characterised by poor night’s sleep, could also be a cause. Here, it is not about struggling to fall asleep, but problems with sleeping until the next day.

‘’For both diagnoses, sleep is often worse during exam periods, both because the exam often starts early in the morning and because nervousness and anxiety in connection with examinations also adversely affect sleep. Most of us sleep more restlessly if something important is happening next day, as in the case of an exam’’ said the sleep researcher.

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