One out of ten teenagers in Skedsmo supports Norwegians who fight in Syria


One out of ten schoolchildren in Skedsmo said they support young people who go to Syria to fight there as a part of an army,  Romerikes Blad writes.The Police are not worried.

This is revealed in the annual Ungdata survey.The heads of the municipal administration are surprised and have initiated preventive efforts, according to Rome Blad.
The Ungdata survey for Skedsmo was completed in January and February this year. In addition to answering questions about drugs, tobacco, friends, parents, health, crime, school, community and recreational facilities,  the students got several questions about politics and society. The answer that has created turmoil was made in response  to this question:
– In recent years, a number of young people have left  Norway to take part in the war in Syria. To what extent do you support the choice of the young people who have gone to fight as a part of an army?
2,227 of the 2,766 students who participated in the survey answered this question. Out of these,  279 students said that they fully or mostly support young people who go to Syria to fight, while 311 students respond that they to some extent support the people travelling from Norway to Syria in order to take part in the fight . The support is a little bit higher among ungdomskole( similar to junior high school or secondary modern school) students school students than among students at videregående(similar to junior college or the sixth forms of comprehensive school).
Coordinator of preventive work against radicalization and violent extremism in Eastern Police District, Arild Kragset, says that this is no great cause for concern.
– There will always be students who has opinions about these issues that differs from those of other students . A lot of it probably has to do with your background. A Kurd, Sunni, Shia or Palestinian would probably respond differently to such a question than you and I would, Kragset says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today