Oslo School introduces access control

Access control Oslo School Bjørnholt uniformed policeBjørnholt Skole. Photo Bjørnholt skole (web)

Oslo School introduces access control

As the first school in Oslo, Bjørnholt High School has introduced access control for students and employees.


– It would be nice if all schools could have been open, but we have had several unfortunate episodes and threats of violence here. Therefore, we are now introducing an access control system to prevent unwanted elements from entering the school, says Principal Else Birgitte Roscher-Nielsen to Aftenposten.

With that she talks about students from other schools, but also people and gangs that only come in order to make trouble.

In practical terms, this entails that a gate system will require students and employees to display an admission cards at the main gate in order to enter the school. Visitors will have to enter via the reception.

– We have a very large building and it is important for us to have control over who is here at all times, says Roscher-Nielsen.

The entry check is a two-year trial project. The project is cleared by the Board of Education, the municipality and the police, in addition to the formal bodies of the school.

Students excluded from decision

In addition to the entrance gates, there are pollards placed outside the school building to prevent rough driving on the school premises.

Leader of the Student Organization, Rahman Akhtar Chaudhry, reacts to that the students were not included in the decision-making:

– They can not introduce access control during the summer without the students being included in the decision-making process – it is worthy of criticisms.

The access system is operational no earlier than in a fortnight, until that time all doors and gates will be accessible during opening hours. Bjørnholt High School is located in the Søndre Nordstrand district, south of Oslo.

About Bjørnholt High School

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We see your talents

At Bjørnholt we work for ALL our students to develop their talents and succeed. We are a college and focus on developing ourselves to be the best school for you. We have many student activities like school teams in cricket, futsal and volleyball. We have an active student council and student brokers.

The school opened in 2007 and was an 8-13 school until 2016, but became a pure high school in 2016.

The school’s 28,000 square meters consist of three blackbox scenes, sound studio, large sports hall with climbing wall, dance hall, TV studio, music room, large canteen, five large auditoriums, workshop halls, and Oslo’s largest school library.

We Offer

  • Study specialization
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Media and Communication
  • Electro studies
  • Organized department.
  • Small group in MK (6 places)


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