Oslo students to get better sex education

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The School Commissioner in Oslo has asked the Education Authority to strengthen  the sex instruction in the  schools. Topics such as gender diversity and boundaries need to be included in the lessons and the instructions,  the Commissioner says.

-The students are to be given sex instructruction classes at the schools at an earlier stage than they currently are,  Tone Tellevik Dahl (Ap), commissioner of adolescence and knowledge, says to Aftenposten. She has asked the Education Authority to strengthen the sex instruction of the schools.

– There are wide variations in the extent and quality of the schools’ sex instruction. I want there to be less differences between the different schools regarding what the students are taught in those classes The strengthening means that all schools have to include topics such as ethical reflection, respect, boundaries, identity, responsibility, gender diversity, sexuality, pregnancy and abortion, sex education, she continues.

The Center for Sex and Society will also advocate starting with sex instruction in the 9th grade, the newspaper said.

Oslo is among the cities and counties in Norway with the highest number of incidents  of abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual abuse.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today