Overall rise in number of students attending Christian Secondary Schools this year

Oslo CathedralOslo Cathedral.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Christian secondary schools (videregående skoler) in Norway are experiencing a slight increase in student numbers this year. There are 6,400 secondary school students in Christian schools this autumn.


The 34 secondary schools that are members of the Kristne Friskolers Förbund (KFF) have close to 6,400 pupils this autumn term, shows figures gathered by Dagen newspaper. That is 300 more than last year.

‘Christian schools show themselves well in the market, and most have a good approach to pupils. Our schools have held our position, despite the fact that these schools require tuition fees’, said Secretary General, Jan-Erik Sundby of KFF.

Half of the Christian Higher Schools offer internat (boarding facilities)‘New schools have opened, and several have expanded with higher student numbers. It is a strategy to survive that schools have a certain size,’ said Sundby.

Tryggheim at Nærbø is the largest of the schools, with 521 students, then Kristen High School in Trøndelag, with 500 students, and Christian Gymnasium in Oslo follows with 488 students.

Overall, there has been an increase in numbers, but some of the schools have shown a decline in student numbers, including Danielsen Videregående Skole in Bergen, which has 30 fewer students than last year.



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