Poor yet improved knowledge in math among students

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New students are slightly better in mathematics than previous ones, but still there are dramatic shortcomings according to the new test results.

Norwegian Mathematics offers every two years a test where students must have 60 or more credits in math, they get tested on their knowledge of the subject. The test has been conducted since 1982.

In recent years there has been an improvement in performance, but there is still room for improvement as well, says the leader of the council, Brynjulf Owren, to the website Khronos.

Students who took the knowledge test in the academic year 2015/2016, resolved on average 52.8 percent of the tasks correctly.

This is an improvement from 2013, when the average student had 50.8 percent correct answers, informs Norwegian Mathematics in a statement.

– This test has over many years shown a dramatic situation, a lack of mathematical knowledge among students, says Owren, professor and vice dean for education at the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at NTNU, according to Khronos.

Civil engineers and MBAs make it the best in the test, while teaching students are the ones who make up worst results.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today




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  1. Victory Hope | 12. October 2016 at 23:03 |

    Why is this happening?
    I cannot believe such things happening.

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