Primary school pupils have been diagnosed with transmittable intestinal infection


Two pupils at Auglend Primary School in Stavanger have been shown to have the bacterium Shigella sonnei, which causes stomach pain, diarrhea and fever, reports Stavanger Aftenblad.

VG reported that the bacterium is known as dysentery, but infection control consultant Ruth Midtgarden in Stavanger municipality rejects this to Aftenbladet.

In addition to the bacterial finding in the two pupils, ten other pupils at the school have the same symptoms, says the infection control consultant.

She explains that this is considered a harmless and innocent case, but urges parents who have children with symptoms to keep them home from school to limit infection.

The source of infection is currently unknown. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) visited the school on Thursday afternoon. They did not find it necessary to wash down the premises or that the school should use hand sprays, says department head Mette Midhaug Eide at Auglend elementary school to Aftenbladet.

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