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Primary school student (9) died of infectious meningitis


A student from Vassbonn school, who was hospitalized with infectious meningitis, died on Thursday, the 30th of May, says Oppegård municipality in a press release.

“It is with deep grief that we convey the message that the child who was hospitalized with infectious meningitis has died,” says Mayor Thomas Sjøvold in Oppegård municipality in Akershus.

He says he has deep compassion for the family.

The student who died was 9 years old and was in the fourth grade at Vassbonn school. The school will open for the class on Sunday, and will also have an open collection Monday after school.

About 35 people, including the 9 year old’s classmates, have been given antibiotics after the pupil was diagnosed with infectious meningitis on Wednesday. The municipal superior in Oppegård states in the press release that these children and people will be vaccinated during the next few days, and that the municipality has been in contact with all those concerned.

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