Princess Ingrid Alexandra got accepted by Elvebakken VGS

Princess Ingrid AlexandraPrincess Ingrid Alexandra.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Princess Ingrid Alexandra will start her first year in the autumn at Elvebakken High School in Oslo. The Princess got in via regular admission, according to the Palace.

Head of Communication at the Royal Court, Guri Ofstad Varpe, confirms to NTB that Princess Ingrid Alexandra is going to study at the popular school, where the admission requirement is at least 52.3 points for the 2020/2021 school year.

– The Princess wants to go to school in Oslo, and the choice fell on Elvebakken High school. The Princess applied for and got a place based on ordinary terms, confirms Varpe to NTB.

Principal: – Plan along the same lines as before
Principal Camilla Hauren Leirvik also confirms this, who is looking forward to welcoming a Princess at the school.

– I hope Ingrid Alexandra has chosen us because she sees that she wants to meet other students from other schools, and that she will enjoy herself both socially and academically, says Leirvik.

The principal emphasises that Ingrid Alexandra will not receive any kind of special treatment in relation to other students at the school.

– We are planning the school year as normal. We have a good dialogue with the authorities and the Palace about how they will handle the security situation around the Princess, ”says Leirvik.

Highest average in Oslo

The headmistress doesn’t think it will affect the school environment that they will now have the future royal heir as a student from the autumn.

– At Elvebakken we have got a good school environment, where everyone can be just the way they are. Our goal is for our students to have a good school day regardless of their background.

According to Nordre Aker Budstikke, Elvebakken was the upper secondary school in Oslo with the highest admission average for study-specialising courses, with 52.3 points as the lowest limit for admission to Vg1. The average score for ordinary applicants for Vg1 was also highest with 55.8 points.

The Norwegian princess finished her secondary school this spring at Uranienborg secondary school in Oslo.

From 2014 to 2019 she attended Oslo International School at Bekkestua, and before that she was from 2010 to 2014 at Jansløkka school in Asker.

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