Principal sends home sick students without noting absence

Several are offered higher educationEducation.Photo:Pixabay

Under the new absence policy that came into effect in autumn, principal by the Amalie Skram secondary school in Bergen found it necessary to send home sick students.

Many come ill at school to avoid the noting of absence.
– That the students ask the school even if they are sick, is unfortunate. We send these home without noting absence, to prevent infection, says principal Bjorn Lyngedal to Bergens Tidende.
In autumn, the new absence rules came with the requirement for a medical certificate after ten precent of abensce in hours, and criticism has rained from pupils, teachers and doctors.
State Secretary in the Ministry of Education Magnus Thue discourages sick students from going to school and says that the absence rules allow for sick days so that this can be avoided.
– Even in the subjects with the least hours, there is room for any absences. In physical education, one can for example be away for up to seven school hours without losing the opportunity of getting a final grade, says Thue.
Emil Gadolin (Labor Party) leader of Selection for education and health in Hordaland County has received many complaints about the new requirements.
– My impression is that this is neither desired by teachers or students.
Many have been worried that the new absence policy will create some unfortunate consequences. Sick students who attend school is a clear example of this, says Gadolin.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today