Psychological Association warns against studying abroad

psychology IllustrationPsychology Illustration. Photo Pixabay

Psychologist Association is skeptical to the increasing number of Norwegians  studying psychology abroad.

None of the psychology studies offered, that we know of, is anywhere near to offering an education that is as good as the Norwegian education,  chief negotiator Christian Zimmermann in Norwegian Psychological Association says to Dagens Næringsliv.
According to the newspaper, the number of Norwegian psychology students abroad increased by 70 percent over the past five years. Nearly a thousand Norwegians are now studying psychology abroad, according to the Loan Fund figures for the previous year. Around 450 students are in the UK, followed by Denmark (205) and Hungary (126).
– We are happy for anyone who is qualified to be psychologists in Norway, but we are concerned about those who believe they are qualified after taking a theoretical education abroad.  The studies abroad are fundamentally different from the Norwegian professional studies, says Zimmermann.
The main difference is, according to Zimmermann, that in the Norwegian six-year professional studies, all the students will practice as pyschologists as part of their studies.
The people studying abroad however, need to apply individually for working on a license, which means you are authorized to practice as a psychologist under supervision. The Directorate of Health assesses whether each applicant has received an education that makes him or her fit to have his own psychology practice in Norway.
– Our responsibility is in making sure that everyone  have sufficient education to fulfil their responsibilities to the patient. The patients should never be in doubt that the psychologists know their job, says Zimmermann.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today