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Psychologists hunting for boys

Psychologists at the boy huntingUniversity of Oslo.Photo Wikimedia.

Fewer and fewer men are psychologists, and this may become a social problem, the University of Oslo thinks. Now they will organize a separate boy’s day.
Only one in five out of the students in the  profession studies in  psychology study are men.
– We believe it is important that psychologists who are educated and trained reflect the population. If the trend in admissions to psychologist education continues, then the proportion of male therapists will be so small that it  will be very difficult to achieve this goal,  Pål Kraft, head of the department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, says.
The program is located on the top five list  most popular studies of the country, and the number of points required for being admitted to the study is very large. Since girls have slightly better grade point average than boys in high school, more girls are admitted among first-time applicants.
Department of Psychology has taken a positive attitude to a male quota of 30 percent. The proposal is now under consideration by the university management.
Meanwhile Psychological Institute will for the second consecutive year  organize a private day for the boys to experience different aspects of pyschology as a subject and branch of knowledge, hoping to recruit more men to the study. On Thursday 99  boys selected from secondary schools will get the  opportunity to experience lectures, experiments in laboratories, meet students and psychologists from different parts of the labor market.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today