Russ allegedly poured beer over children at Nesodden

poured beer, RussBeer cans. Ill:

Russ poured beer over two 13-year-olds

The police have received a message from a witness that a Russ poured beer over two 13-year-olds near the Steiner school at Nesodden on Tuesday morning.


– A Russ allegedly poured beer on the two younger boys. We are in contact with the perpetrator who will be indicted, writes the Follo police on Twitter.

The police are on site and are in contact with a person who fits the description of one of the perpetrators. The witness followed the russ after the incident with the boys and regarded them as being threatening. First it was announced that the two boys had also been beaten, but this was later disproved.

The police view the incident seriously

-The fact that you are wearing a costume showing that you are a last year student does not lead to any positive discrimination, says Operations Manager in Eastern Police District, Gisle Sveen, to NTB.

When asked whether the police follow the Russ even more closely in the last hours of their celebrations, the Operations Manager chuckles.

– Let’s hope that they have burnt their candles already, but suppose it will be some final throes this evening and night.


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