Sanner eases the school absence limit for driving lessons


The Government have proposed that some parts of driving education be regarded as ‘approved absence’.

They must therefore not count towards the limit of absence. The new exceptions apply only to the mandatory driving hours that are most difficult to combine with school life.

‘’The absence has decreased after the absence limit was introduced. It is good. It is important that the students are present in the teaching in high school.

Therefore, there must be very clear limitations on how much of the traffic education can be exempted’’ said Minister of Knowledge, Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H).

The absence limit means that students who have more than 10% undocumented absence in a subject, as a rule, will not receive half-yearly assessments with grades or standpoint grades in a subject. In special cases, the Rector may decide that a student who has between 10 and 15% undocumented absence shall nevertheless be able to
receive a grade.

‘’It is not relevant to remove the absences, but we see the need to better facilitate students who are driving’’ said Sanner.

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