Saturday is the deadline to apply for higher education


There are over 1,300 studies to choose from, but NHO believes that there is only one choice that is wrong.

– There is so much to choose from, and you might not entirely know what you want to do, Mathilde Søderlund says.

She is a last year high school student, and will pursue higher education in the fall.

– I decided to become a HSE engineer after someone from Høgskulen på Vestlandet (College of Western Norway) came by and talked about the study in our school, Søderlund says.

Her friend, Andrea Jones, has decided to take a year off from studies.

– For The next year I will wish to travel and work. I do not know what I will study yet, but I love animals, so I’m considering becoming a veterinarian, she says.

 Lots to choose from

You can apply for 1303 studies in 29 colleges and universities in Norway. No wonder it’s hard to choose. But there is still only one choice that is wrong, according to NHO.

– Grandparents have to stop saying to their grandchildren that they did not take any education, and that it was a good choice. You can no longer bet on being unskilled, Regional Director of NHO Rogaland, Svein Olav Simonsen, insists.

The value of having formal qualifications is increasing, according to Leader of NAV Market, Elisabeth Lie Nilsen.

– In the slump we are emerging from, we have seen that qualified people returns faster to the job market. So even if laid off or lost their jobs, they were without a job for a much shorter period than the unskilled, Nilsen says.

More tips

– We need people with technical education in the future. Making things will never go out of fashion, says Simonsen.

 Nurses, nurses and nurses

But also in the health care, the need for people is huge. Specifically we need nurses, both now and forever.

– The population grows and is getting older. Nursing is a safe choice, but you must both like it and be up to it, according to Nilsen.

But how much weight should you put on your interests?

– I think it is crucial with a basic interest in what you are going to study. Do not choose the same as your friend. You should feel that there is something you want to work as for a long time. Do your research and talk to someone who works within the profession, Simonsen advises.

Choose two things

To stand out, the NAV leader advises you to combine educations.

– From the IT industry, we hear that they have a need for those with expertise in both IT and people skills. For example, project management, or leadership. The cross-competencies apply to other areas as well, she says.

IT area itself appears to remain as a clear growth area. Almost all industries are to be digitized; therefore job opportunities are provided here in the future too.

While the IT industry is growing, the oil industry has been through a downturn in recent years, Nilsen still believes that there are opportunities.

– Remember that the oil is not shut down. The oil industry will have a big problem if everyone who works there are around 55 years old. We need young people with a new perspective, according to Nilsen.


Source: / Norway Today