School in Oslo sends students home – Education Union asks Municipality to take action

Granstangen schoolPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Granstangen school at Furuset in Oslo has switched to home school for all students. The whole school, except for two classes, is in quarantine.

The entire 8th and 10th grades of Granstangen school writes are in quarantine, as well as two of four classes in the 9th grade.

Granstangen school is located in Furuset in the Stovner district and has about 400 students. The school is still operating at the “yellow” level, despite the fact that they originally reported that they went to operate at the “red” level.

Chaotic situation

“We hope we can operate as normal again from September 6,” principal Christina Solheim wrote in an SMS to NTB. The school also stopped all physical education in November 2020.

There are a number of school classes in Oslo that have been quarantined, especially at the upper secondary level. Leader Aina Skjefstad Andersen of the Education Union in Oslo said that teachers, students, and leaders are desperate about the situation.

“It is quite obvious that it is now a chaotic situation,” she said.

Do not want “yellow” level

However, the Education Union has not requested that Oslo Municipality move schools and kindergartens to the “yellow” level because it would generate a lot of extra work for teachers and leaders.

“The important thing is that there is great flexibility and room for maneuver for each individual school,” Skjefstad Andersen said.

She also called on the Municipality to take more responsibility for infection tracing. In recent days and weeks, the principals have often had to take responsibility if the chief district medical officer did not have the capacity to trace the infection for an entire class.

“There are many teachers who are afraid and unsure of how to understand the quarantine rules. We also understand the messages we receive from the students. They thought they went back to the ‘green’ level, and now they experience that they have been sent back to schools that are not safe,” Skjefstad Andersen stated.

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2 Comments on "School in Oslo sends students home – Education Union asks Municipality to take action"

  1. And still no mandatory facemasking of kids in schools.

    Is this Florida?

    • John Steppling | 31. August 2021 at 12:46 | Reply

      children should not be masked. Beyond the fact it has no value in terms of the virus, its also true children are largely not at risk. Almost not at all.

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