Schools have to cut budgets due to Coronavirus spending

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Several schools have to cut the use of substitutes and lay off teachers due to extra expenses related to the Coronavirus measures.


Several schools can also not afford to buy new school books, writes Klassekampen.

It is especially expenses for infection control equipment and extra staffing to prevent the risk of infection that burden already tight school budgets.

In the Trondheim municipality, the schools have been informed that the extra expenses due to the Coronavirus measures must be covered with their ordinary budget.

In Kristiansand, so far four teaching positions at two schools have been cut, while in Stavanger a cut of NOK 123 million has been announced in the school and kindergarten sector.

The leader of the Education Association, Steffen Handal, is seriously concerned about the time ahead and says he is extra worried that the vulnerable students will once again be affected.

The government has promised that all extra Coronavirus expenses will be compensated, but in many municipalities the additional expenses are not fully covered, the newspaper writes.

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