Several universities report increased exam cheating

Student in auditoriumStudent in auditorium.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

Several universities and colleges are reporting more cheating during exams even though the final figures will be only be available this autumn.

At Oslo Met, 57 cases have been processed so far this year, against a total of 49 in the entire school year 2018/2019, senior adviser Marius Stene Fuglum informed Khrono. The final figures will be ready in August and September.

None of the cases dealt with so far come from changed examination forms as a result of Coronavirus-adapted examinations, according to Fuglum.

At the University of Agder, there is probably talk of a multiplication. They now have 37 cases to deal with, and it is probably unrecorded numbers.

“I have never experienced anything like this. The cases are about everything from plagiarism and cooperation,” said secretary of the appeals committee, Ragnhild Skomedal, to NRK.

The increase may also be due to better routines at the university.

At NTNU, Professor Brynjulf Owren at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering believes that students exchanged answers during the home exam.

 According to Universitetsavisa, there were far fewer than usual who failed during a multiple-choice exam, and more than normal received top marks.

Also at the University College in Western Norway, there has been more cheating than usual, said vice-rector Bjørg Kristin Selvik for education to Khrono.

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