Several young people with immigrant background complete education to achieve profession

StudentsStudents. Photo:

The proportion of children of immigrants completing high school within five years was 72 percent, compared to 66 percent in 2013.


The proportion is the same as the national average, the new figures from the Ministry of Education show, according to NRK.

Despite a positive trend, there are still big differences. Cultural Minister Henrik Asheim (H) says, that far more girls, than boys complete and many of the young first-generation immigrants are dropping out.

“It’s still a very serious thing. Even though the arrows point the right way, we are by no means at where we want to be. And it can outcast a lot of young people”, says Asheim.

The minister of education says, it is important to have a school that includes all the students.

“We know that completing and passing high school is very important for getting jobs and further education,” says Asheim.


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