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Significant decline in absencenteeism following new limits

students graduates from secondary school higher education High SchoolsHigh School Students. Photo:


School absences have fallen sharply in Trondheim after the introduction of the new absentee rule for High Schools,  writes Klassekampen.

Seven out of eight principals in Secondary schools in Trondheim say the new rules have meant that students are more present in school three weeks after schools in Trondheim started. In addition, students have become better at planning their absence.

– Absolutely sublime. We  hope it continues, says Rector Nina Hoseth at Charlottenlund High to the newspaper. Geir Vikan at Byåsen High school, which is the city’s largest, says there has been a significant decrease in absenteeism, which he hopes will lead to a lower drop- out rate.

But the receiption of the new rules has not been entirely positive.
The student organisation amassed several thousand students for a  strike to prevent the new absence policy being adopted earlier this year, and last week  NRK news announced that GPs have experienced a large influx of students needing sick notes for common colds after the rules came into force.

Some principals are worried that the limit of maximum 10 percent absence rate in each subject course, will lead to additional work.
– There is a large bureaucracy that has been initiated, with a lot of extra work, says Anders Buhaug, Principal at Thora Storm Secondary.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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