Solberg invites to new meeting on education in Oslo

The UN Special Envoy Gordon Brown and Prime Minister Erna SolbergThe UN Special Envoy Gordon Brown and Prime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: SMK / NTB scanpix

On July 4th  Norway is convening a new Education meeting in Oslo to ensure schooling for our world’s children.

59 million children in the world do not receive any formal education, and it lacks billions of investment. The Prime Minister Erna Solberg launched last year an international commission with almost 30 members from around the world  who will try to strengthen funding and bring in more resources.
Britain’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was asked to oversee the work, and on July 4th Solberg is convening  another meeting in Oslo to start the completion of the Commission’s recommendations to present to the UN Secretary General in the autumn.
– It is exciting. They all work with challenges in the various countries and how to mobilize more capital into the education system, the Prime Minister said after meeting Brown in London on Thursday.
– The answers are not quite ready yet, she says to news agency NTB , but reveals how the Commission among other things is working to involve the private sector and foundations more.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today