Stable fixed interest rates in Lånekassen

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Stable fixed interest rates in Lånekassen

Fixed interest rates in Lånekassen (Student Loan scheme) will be 2.33 per cent for three years of fixed interest, 2.68 per cent for five years and 3.14 per cent for ten years.


– Three-year fixed interest rates increase by 0.01 percentage points compared to current rates, while five and ten-year fixed rates remain unchanged, says Communications Director in Lånekassen, Solbjørg Sørensen.

Floating interest rates are as of July 1st 2.08 per cent, i.e. lower than the fixed interest rates.

Customers wishing to fix the rates starting July 1st can do that between June 10th and 17 th.

– Those who finish their education this spring can also fix the rates from July 1st says Sørensen.

Not everyone who currently has floating rates can bind it. Customers who have less than three years left of the repayment period, who receive support for their education, or who have canceled a previous fixed interest agreement less than two months ago, can not do that.

610,000 of Lånekassen repaying customers have floating rate on their student loan, while 56,900 have fixed rates.

Both fixed and floating rates are set six times a year. Customers who do not actively apply for fixed interest rates will automatically get floating interest rates.

The interest rate in Lånekassen is market-driven and is determined on the basis of an average of the top 5 mortgage offers in the market, less a 0.15 percentage point deduction.

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