Still some vacant study places in Oslo

Coordinated Admission. Photo: OsloMet

Still some vacant study places in Oslo

There are some available study places at OsloMet, but these have special admission requirements.  ”If you’re currently still out of a study place, you have to think out of the box”, is the advice.



Coordinated Admissions (Samordnet opptak) have compiled an overview of which studies have available seats this year.

– We are pleased that so many have applied to our study programs and that we have highly qualified applicants. We have some studies with very specific admission requirements, and here there are still a few vacancies, says Pro-Rector at Oslo Metropolitan University, Nina Waaler.

She hopes that for many who lack a place or are willing to think out of the box, to take a look at those available study places.

Bachelor studies

An Overview of available study places and application forms can be found at Coordinated Admission:

You must meet the admission requirements to apply. There is continuous admission to the available places.

Master studies, postgraduate and PPU                      

Master studies, PPU and postgraduate studies with vacancies or a short waiting list, are open for applications as of August 1st via  SøknadsWeb.

You must meet the admission requirements to apply. Answers to applications will be given continuously from the beginning of August.

Tips for those who do not have a place to study

  1. If you do not get admitted to the study of your dreams, you can use the coming school year to qualify or improve on your grades.
  2. Use the school year to do something fun and useful! Work experience can be positive and you can learn a lot from travelling. Many also attend a year at a folk high school.
  3. Start preparing for next year’s study choices early, so you have an overview of qualification requirements and deadlines, and to time to think thoroughly through your available choices.
  4. Think of alternative study opportunities. Perhaps you should apply for something different next year? You can get study and career guidance at OsloMet.
  5. Check the list of available study places at Coordinated Admission. Perhaps you will find the study of your dreams at another location or a different study that suits you.

Contact information for applicants

The admission office at OsloMet has e-mail address . Questions regarding an application must be sent by e-mail and your applicant number must be in it.


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