International student card ISIC offers cheap flights

Student Card gives you cheap flights!Student Card gives you cheap flights!.Photo: KilRoy

Do you want to get away? The international student card ISIC offers students and people under the age of 30 exclusive tickets with large international airlines such as SAS, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and British Airways to a variety of destinations within and outside Norway.

The collaborating airlines offer great discounts to students and people under the age of 30. At SAS the age limit is 26, but even if you have passed this age, ISIC still offers great discounts for students at all ages. ISIC stands for International Student Identity Card, and is the only globally accepted student card.

ISIC student tickets cannot be found through the airlines website. According to SAS press officer in Denmark Anna Vibeke Nielsen, SAS does not advertise for this discount because it is a too big of a technical challenge. ‘At SAS we only advertise for tickets that can be purchased through our own webpages. Flights with student discounts can only be booked through travel specialist KILROY’. For more information about the various discounts and to order the student card, you can visit the homepage of ISIC. After receiving the student card, it is possible to book flights with the student discount via travel agency KILROY, the Nordic distributor of the ISIC card. It is possible to order your tickets through their webpage, by telephone, chat or in one of the KILROY stores.

How come many people are still unknown with the ISIC student card and the opportunities the card offers? ‘We try to reach as many students as possible by promoting the ISIC card through KILROY, says general manager at KILROY Norway, Flavia Forster.  The ISIC card was founded in 1949 and is by no means anything new.

‘Previously, the ISIC student card was used by young people who travelled around the world during their gap year and used the card to order cheap flights. ‘However, since flights have become cheaper, the ISIC card has evolved in a ‘lifestyle card’ that offers more than just discount on tickets’, says Flavia Forster. ‘Tickets booked with an ISIC card are valid for 12 months or even longer and are flexible in changing dates and travel routes. With the benefits of the student card, users will get value for their money. We are very pleased with the cooperation we have with the collaborating airlines on this unique product’.

Source: KILROY / Norway Today