Student charged for threatening a school shooting – had weapons at home

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

A student at Steinkjer High School in Nord-Trøndelag has been charged with making threats for a school shooting. The young man had access to weapons at home.


Rector Bente Renate Gudesen Svenning tells Trønder-Avisa that the student ended up in a “serious conflict” that ended with argument and violence on Wednesday and that he then made the threats.

“I contacted the police,” she said.

The student was later arrested at his home without incident, night to Thursday.

According to investigator Leif Gundersen in Trøndelag police district, the student is a young Norwegian man over 18 years old.

Weapons at home
The student was released on Thursday.

“He had no weapons registered to himself, but had weapons available at home,” said the investigator.

Parents, teachers and students at school have been notified of the incident.

– “He denies that he had expressed threats. We have questioned witnesses, both teachers and students at the school. When we summarize, no one had heard him directly threaten the school. They’ve only heard from others,” said Gundersen to Adresseavisen.

– Must be taken seriously
According to reports to the principal, the shooting was to take place on Thursday. Thus, the principal had no choice but to contact the police.

– “She can not just sweep it under the rug, it must be taken seriously. We also must do that,” says Gundersen.

The police spoke, Thursday, too ten to twelve students. Everyone had only heard about the threat of a school shooting through others, and the police have not found firm evidence in social media.

The police are left with a violence episode that may probably end with a reaction, while the threats are being investigated further.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today