Student council leaders in Norway ask authorities to cancel spring exams

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According to a survey, almost nine out of ten student councils at 183 upper secondary schools in Norway believe spring exams should be canceled.

In total, the survey was sent to 340 student councils throughout the country, according to, which has conducted the survey.

The student councils expressed concerns over unease and worries among their fellow students regarding the upcoming exams.

“It is wrong for students to be assessed on an equal basis in exams when the teaching has been so different in schools,” student council leader at Stord upper secondary school Hannah Hillersøy Resser told the newspaper.

Up to Melby

“For some students, it has been difficult,” she added. 

Minister of Education Guri Melby (V) has asked students to prepare for exams. 

She is waiting for a recommendation from the Norwegian Directorate of Education, but it will fall on her to decide whether the exam should be carried out.

Source: #Norway Today, #NorwayTodayEducation

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