Students can not live on financial support alone


Calculations show that money from the Loan Fund does not cover students’ expenses. Students are forced to work or get help from home, thus we risk a class divide, says consumer economist.

– Academic support has nearly kept pace with the increase in the cost of living, says consumer economist Elin Reitan of Nordea Finance newspaper. Students have monthly expenses of 13,000 to 13,300 crowns, while the public financial support is at 10,395 crowns.

– Not everyone has parents who can help with monetarily, and for many it can be difficult to combine work and study, she says, adding a part time job can have unfortunate consequences by taking a lot of time and attention.

– We run the risk that there is a class divide, if only those with rich parents who can focus on their studies.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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