“Students say no to cannabis legalization”

Mina Gerhardsen, Secretary general of the ActisOslo,Mina Gerhardsen, Secretary general of the Actis.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Over half of the respondents in a survey among Norwegian students think that cannabis should not be legalized, writes Universitas.

In the survey, conducted by Sentio on behalf of the Norwegian student organization (NSO) and Universitas,  1,008 students were asked if cannabis should be legalized.
27 percent said yes, 53 percent said no, and 20 percent said they didn’t know.
‘There is no great desire among politicians or the public to legalize cannabis. Previous studies at the population level show that as many as 77 percent of Norwegians oppose legalization. Universitas believes its survey is an interesting contribution to the debate because it shows great resistance among students’, said the Secretary General of Actis Mina Gerhardsen to Universitas.
Ester Nafstad, head of the organization: ‘Normal’, who support legalization, thinks that the figures show that Norwegian ‘anti-legalization’ student numbers are slipping.
‘I think that 27 percent is a pretty high number and the percentage of students who support legalization are higher than in the general population. I believe the number will increase, and in about five or six years I hope that 50 percent of the population will be pro- legalization’, she said.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. good move by the students

  2. Say no to propaganda | 28. February 2019 at 15:02 |

    How so? the Cannabis plant has a lot of benefits, especially if you use the CBD oil. It is an amazing natural fibre, it can replace fossil fuels etc. Furthermore it is helpful for numerous diseases, and can replace the use of opioids and painkillers. Don’t confuse exaggerated use of THC with normal use. It is not the gateway to stronger drugs. That is just a popular myth, disproven by empirical research.

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