Students wish to work with renewable energy, and in Equinor

Equinor's headquartersEquinor's headquarters at Fornebu in Bærum.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Renewable energy is the industry that catches most Norwegian students’ eye showed the Career Barometer 2019. Nevertheless, Equinor climbed list of attractive employers.

Innovation Norway again topped the list of economics students’ preferred employers, while the research institute, SINTEF, was the workplace most technology students want to work at in 2019.

At the industry level, renewable energy is catching on the most.

A total of 73% of technology students want to work on restructuring Norway, and for economics students, only management consulting, banking, and finance are more attractive.

‘’We have the impression that employers are aware of this. Probably there will be a fight ahead to profit from this interest’’ said adviser,

Arve Kvalsvik of the company, Evidente, who together with are behind the Career Barometer.

Oil and gas

Although interest in renewable energy is high, the oil and gas industry is, paradoxically, still popular. After a downturn as a result of the oil crisis, companies like Equinor and Aker have picked up steadily, and the former are in the top three this year in both student groups.

The more “clean” renewable companies such as Statkraft, Rec, and Lyse are far less popular, and the latter is the only one that clearly climbed on the list.

‘’Much indicates that it is not sufficient to be located within the renewable industry to be a preferred employer’’ Kvalvik told NTB news.

In addition to working with something meaningful, the students responded that the chances of rising in the ranks and creating a good career in the long term also weigh heavily with regard to which employer they choose.

‘’Equinor is strong. In addition, it seems that the name change has been a success. It happened while we were in the middle of the process of retrieving data for the Career Barometer last year, and we saw an immediate reputational jump of between 5 and 10 %, depending on which student groups we asked. Probably the new name made the students more aware that Equinor also has investments in renewable energy such as offshore wind turbines’’ said Kvalvik.

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