Study support can be extended from 2017


Next year students can get maintenance support for one week longer, as part of a gradual expansion to support our students for eleven months instead of the current ten. The expansion is expected in the government’s proposed revised budget.

The proposal is due on Wednesday and the Liberal leader Iselin Nybø is expecting to see a section on increased financial study support in line with the budget promise last autumn, writes Aftenposten. Her party gained a majority for students to get support for eleven months instead of ten over a four year period, as the  scheme is today. Political advisor Magnus Thue in the Ministry for Education said the government “will naturally adhere to the budget promise,” but does not elaborate on what Nybø can expect on Wednesday. It is however expected to show a gradual expansion of financial support until 2020.
– This cannot mean anything other than a few thousand kroner extra paid out in financial support already from next year, believes Nybø.
If the current support of 104.000 kroner  spread over ten months is used as a base, it will lead to an extra 10.400 kroner per month more for students when the increase is completed. It is estimated at around 2.600 kroner more initially for the first week with extended support.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today