Taught students that Jesus is kind, Muhammad naughty

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Parents reacted after the 7th-graders at a Christian private school were informed that the Muslim prophet Muhammad went to war, while Jesus turned the other cheek.

“It is appalling that they are using fear of Islam in education in this way,” Lill-Christine Onstad, mother of one of the students, told newspaper VG.
The case became known after a teacher at the Christian private school Danielsen school at Sotra, outside Bergen, handed out a worksheet of 7th-graders containing similarities and differences between Jesus and Muhammad.

The list
The controversial paper stated:
* Both met a blind man and a woman caught in adultery. BUT: Jesus healed the man and forgave the woman. Muhammad ignored the man and the woman was killed.
* Both were starving in the desert. BUT: Jesus provided food miraculously. Muhammad could not provide food.
* Muhammad spread Islam with war, while Jesus turned the other cheek and died for our sins.
* Jesus prayed for his enemies. Muhammad condemned them and called for his successors to be hard on them and kill them.

The school headmaster Frode Monsen, according to NRK news, regretted the portrayal of Islam and says that teaching sheet will not be used again.
The parliament politician Anders Tyvand (Christian Democrats) from Ministry of Education and Research Committee believes that it is important to show respect for people of other faiths.
“I note that the principal has apologized, and that, I think, is wise. I understand very well that this teaching has caused a reaction, and it is important that accredited private schools show respect for other religions in the classroom,” he said.
But Tyvand is unsure if politicians can take a stance against this kind of teaching.
“This is a Christian private school. It is natural that they would have a different message from public schools,” he says.

Harmful to children
Religious historian Kari Vogt, who specializes in Islam, reacted strongly to the teachings and believes this presentation of Islam is harmful and a form of indoctrination.
“This a textbook example of something that is very harmful for children to encounter because it originates from a form of contempt for other people’s beliefs,” Vogt told NRK news.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. are the facts on that sheet wrong? actually it is a good comparison to show the difference between those two religious leaders! why is that a problem if it was a lie I could understand…

  2. If its a fact then nothing to react about… school should teach kids based on facts right? but if it’s based on an opinion only of the teacher then there’s something to talk about. The textbook use by the teacher went through a lot of validation process and proof reading right? don’t totally blame the teacher for that but also the education dept that allows those books to be printed and be used as textbook for the schools.

  3. Only the trees that carry fruit, get hit by stones

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