School introduces mobile phone ban

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At Giske school in Sandnes students must put their mobiles in a “mobile hotel” every morning. Wrong to introduce a general ban,  the Education Association says.

– We want the students to be more present and more social. Because of this we have decided to make an effort to keep the school free of the use of mobile phones, Headmaster Trond Hoel told the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

Staff, parents and student council have all agreed on the decision.
– There are worries of  pictures and videos that can be hurtful, such as from the shower and wardrobe situations,  being posted. We have observed that the mobile phone can be a source of bullying and exclusion, says Hoel.

Education Association told the newspaper that it opposes a general ban on cell phones in school, but believes the schools should make their own rules.

– A general ban is reactionary. We constantly have to deal with  new technology. The main thing is that schemes linked to mobile phone use are made in consultation with teachers, student council and parents committee,  Tom Jambak, central board member  in Education Association, says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today