The Conservatives in Telemark will consider hijab ban in the elementary schools

Yemeni women communicate with his eyes.Yemeni women communicate with his eyes.. Photo. Ole Walberg / SCANPIX
The Conservative politician Mahmoud Farahmand Telemark wants to ban the use of hijab in elementary school. This is a debate that needs to be addressed by the party, leader of the program committee Torbjorn Roe Isaksen says,
– We have to be aware that social control is a challenge we have in some communities today and the challenge will not decrease in the future, says Farahmand  to NRK.
He is a Conservative politician in Porsgrunn and suggested at the  annual county meeting of the party last weekend that they adopt a resolution calling for the ban of hijabs in the elementary school. The draft resolution was not put to a vote at the county AGM but sent to the party’s program committee. Farahmand expects that the proposal will cause debate in the Conservative Party.
– I hope that, at least, we will get a good and objective dialogue that produces results. If the resolution is adopted in its original form, the party ought to come up with other constructive measures and solutions to the situation we are expiriencing today. Social control is a challenge that we have to resolve,  Farahmand says.
Chairman of the program committee in the Conservative party, Minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen welcome debate.
– This is a big discussion, which fits well with our work on the program. And it also raises some interesting fundamental issues , says Roe Isaksen.
He believes some conservatives are skeptical of the proposal.
– This is a debate concerning both children and  religion. In our party, we are generally cautious about micromanaging and regulating what is basically private matters, but we do it sometimes when children are involved, says Roe Isaksen.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. Greg Evans | 2. October 2016 at 10:06 |

    Good move! also need to look at banning other clothing items as well, Pink and lime green joggers, hoodies, jackets with animal fur collars, rabbit fur lined boots, “t” shirts with slogans we don’t like the list needs to be expanded from this short one, we can all contribute and of course we will all tell foreigners about how NORWAY is a Multicultural Nation

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