The Education Agency in Oslo asks 90,000 students to avoid hugging

huggingHugging.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The National Agency for Education has sent an e-mail to 183 Oslo schools regarding measures against the covid-19 outbreak. Here, students and staff are instructed to avoid close contact.

The email informs, among other things, that students and staff at schools should “avoid much close contact in the form of hugs, hand greetings and the like,” Dagbladet writes.

However, the agency states that there is no prohibition.

-“No, it’s not a hugging ban. Avoiding close contact in the form of, for example, hugging is good health advice during influenza times,” says communications adviser Kristin Strømmen in the Norwegian Ministry of Education in the municipality of Oslo.

The e-mail has been sent to all the 183 schools in Oslo, and thus comprises about 90,000 students.

The measure is due to the fact that the first case of the virus in Norway was detected in a woman in Tromsø on Wednesday, says Strømmen. The suggestions are drafted in consultation with the municipal superior and general infection prevention councils.

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