The government provides NOK 2.1 million for the completion of teacher education

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There are almost 3,800 unqualified teachers working in schools. Now the government is providing money so that teachers who have taken some of the teacher education should complete the study.

“We want those who work in schools, but have not completed the teacher education, to have the opportunity to complete this. Then they have a solid competence and can be added to the schools. All students must have qualified teachers. In this way, we equip them to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” said Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø (Venstre/Liberal Party) in a press release.

The Government is now giving Innlandet College, Østfold College and Sami College a total of NOK 2.1 million to get more people to complete primary school teacher education.

The students who are relevant to the scheme lack different parts of the education. Some lack only one subject, while others lack major parts of primary school education. Thus, the course of study should be adapted to the individual.

The measure is a time-limited trial scheme, and everyone admitted must complete a four-year primary school teacher education by 2025.

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