The income limit is removed for a number of students

Students at the university.Students at the university.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

The Government has removed the income limit for students working in the health and care sector so as to ensure that they retain the scholarship despite the workload.

It was Dagbladet who first mentioned the case.

“The coronavirus crisis has put pressure on the entire health and care sector. This means that the need for extra manpower has increased. We think it is unreasonable if those who stand for it should suffer a financial loss,” said Research and Higher Education Minister Henrik Asheim (H) in a press release.

“That’s why we make this change so that the contributing students do not have to worry about working too much to keep their scholarship,” added Asheim.

Also applies to police students
The measure also includes students who work in the police or who sign up for emergency work, as well as Norwegian students abroad who either work abroad or who have returned to work in Norway.

This also applies to students in general who are ordered for emergency work related to the corona outbreak, either through the Home Defence or the Civil Defence.

“ I hope that the temporary change will help students contribute as much as they can, with the assurance that they will not lose financially on it,“ said Asheim.

Loan Fund’s maximum income limit
The corona crisis has meant that many students work extra hard, which therefore causes problems with the Loan Fund’s maximum income limit.

In the spring of 2020, the loan fund has a maximum limit for income of NOK 188,509 for students who receive support throughout a calendar year.

The limit is NOK 471,270 for students who receive support for seven months or less per calendar year.

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