Three out of ten students are often lonely

Students gradeStudents at university. Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

A health survey among Norwegian students shows that three out of ten often or very often feel like an outsider, isolated or miss someone to be with.


The three questions that measure loneliness were included in the students’ health and well-being study. While 29% answered “often” or “very often” on at least one of the questions, 10% answered the same on all three questions wrote the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) in a press release.

“It is serious that so many students are lonely. We must take care of each other. There are many who miss being with someone. Perhaps it may be a bit scary to greet the student next to you in the lecture hall, but do it anyway’’,
encouraged NSO leader, Håkon Randgaard Mikaelsen.

The organization encouraged all students to participate actively in the ‘Freshers Week’ (Fadderuken), and to join the various social services available at their institution. In the health and well-being survey four years ago, it was stated that those who participated in the freshers week activities had more close friends at the place of study than those who did not participate in the sponsored scheme.

Mikaelsen also believes that the lecturers can contribute to a safe and sound professional social environment.

“We can not have so many students not thriving well during their study time.’’


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