Tired of being kept awake by the Russ

Russ Oslo Bærum Party“Rolling”: on Friday night, the police had to deal with several complaints concerning the “Russ” from different places in Oslo & Bærum. The photo is from a previous occasion. Photo: EVA GROVES, Budstikka

Tired of being kept awake by the “Russ”

Yet another night, the police have received up to several complaints surrounding this year’s “Russ” (college graduates) celebrating the end of 12 years of school. They have been unable to follow up on more than a few of those.


– People are getting tired of being kept awake for several consecutive nights. Those who call us complain that their children are being awakened by the “Russ” busses playing very loud music, says police chief operating officer Tor Jøkling.

The night before Friday, the police received a lot of complaints of noisy “Russ” in Bærum and Oslo.

“Plantasjen” (Plantation) at Rud, Skytterkollen and Griniveien are the places recurring most often in the police logs.

– We received several reports that there were buses in the parking lot of the Plantation which played loud music. When we got there, the buses had dissappeared, says Jøgling, who says that the first messages on noisy behaviour started to tick in around at 01:30 am.

The Police with a warning

According to Jøkling, the buses move around and are seldom staying for long at the same place.

– When we get there, they have usually skedaddled from the place, he says

On Thursday afternoon, the police issued a joint message to the “Russ” and their guardians where they called for a broad debate on where the “Russ” celebrating is headed.

The police state that they are worried about how the “Russ” celebration has developed lately: “Russ” buses and “rolling” (cruising) are phenomena that lead to many unfortunate situations. One thing is the cost. On top of that comes social and  sex pressure, being left out, substance abuse and road safety are challenges to both the youth and others, writes the police in the message.

With disco lights to Skytterkollen

There have also been several reports of “Russ” buses driving past Griniveien and Vækerøveien several times with very loud music playing.

The police did not have the capacity to follow up on that, says Jøkling.

Nor when there were reports of up to 12 “Russ” buses on their way towards Skytterkollen, with loud music playing and disco lights flashing, the police did not have the opportunity to go there.

– There were some reports regarding this around 2 am, but when the complaints dwindled off half an hour later, we believe it had resolved by itself and that the “Russ” had left the area, says Jøkling.


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