Tired Norwegian teachers worry about being quarantined for Christmas

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Many Norwegian teachers are tired, stressed, and afraid of being infected in the days before Christmas – and then having to go into quarantine. Now they are asking for enough time for the quarantine before Christmas.

Several teachers are afraid that they will end up in quarantine and celebrate Christmas alone without the family.

“Many are on their knees both because of infection concerns and because a long-term state of emergency requires so much of their energy,” teacher Jorunn Folkvord told newspaper VG.

Other teachers from several places in the country are also issuing a similar warning.

“Many people experience great mental pressure and stress due to this exposure to infection,” Tromsø teacher Rune Bakkejord noted. 

“In the few weeks that remain of this very special school semester, all school operations must be reduced to the most important core tasks,” she said.

Important week

Several have argued that schools could close a week earlier than usual to set up a buffer before the Christmas celebrations. 

Folkvord believes the last school week before Christmas has never been more important than in 2020.

“It will actually decide who gets to celebrate Christmas with the family and who is left alone,” she concluded.

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  1. The additional, earlier week of vacation sounds like a very good idea.

    And the governments should respond to teachers’ union and order everyone in schools to facemask.

    Thank you all for your dedication and work, teachers.

    I tell my kids to help you help them to learn.

    And you are indeed teaching them well.

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