Tromsø students with crass language in new song – the vision of minorities should not be representative

Tromsø students with crass language in new songTromsø students with crass language in new song(Norwegian Russ).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The team behind the song (russelåt, cannot be properly translated) regret what they believe is a misunderstanding.

A new russelåt from pupils at Kongsbakken high school make both students and parents react. In the song ‘Hjemmesnekk’, is about rape, drugs, fucking, fighting in addition to the classic themes, according to NRK Troms.

The guys behind the song, which calls themselves Mollywood 2017; also dishes out sharp criticism against the student president of their own school, Anja Lockertsen. In one of the verses one can read:

‘Student President, can we get a replacement? / Is not important, as it is we who rule the town / Hades bows to large pear shaped feminists / We have started with the work should we carpenter the chests? / send you underground in 1 – 2 – 3 “.

Reacting to the debate

Nordlys explains that the team behind the song that the text is in no way intended as a threat towards the student president, and that they regret that it is perceived that way.

It is according to the team as a “diss against little brothers in Hades” a rival student’s bus. At the same time, they want to mark the distance of a debate which was fronted by the student president and three classmates.

–  this is obviously not a threat, but only an artistic way to express discontent in classic student style.”

They also emphasize that the last line of text about making coffins are aimed at the other vehicle dubbed Hades.


Source: / Norway Today