Two out of three law students in Oslo are women

University of Oslo anti-IslamicUniversity of Oslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Only 36 percent of those who were admitted into the University of Oslo this autumn are men.

This is according to figures from The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service. In 2019, the amount of men who were admitted decreased by 6.3 percent in comparison to 2018. This year, this decreased by .6 percent compared to 2019, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The low proportion of male law students has caused Geir Woxholth to react. 

-”Individually, the figures are not surprising, but the way the trend seems to be continuing and growing is worrying.” said Woxholth, who is nevertheless skeptical about quotas.

-”But i think that one should start investigating further as to why it has become the way it is. Something should be done, I believe it is obvious.”, says the professor.

When lawyer Bettina Banoun graduated in 1995, there was an even gender distribution in law studies. 

-”I don’t think it is fortunate that there is a large predominance of one sex in some professions, be it lawyers, psychologists, nurses, or engineers.”, says Banoun. She believes that it should be considered whether the private scheme should be reintroduced. 

-”Before, you could take the first year of law as a private student. If you got good enough results, you’d enter the study:”

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