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Women make up the majority among immigrants

young immigrantImmigrant. Norway Today Media

One in twelve students are immigrants or Norwegian-born children of immigrant parents

Women account for 56 per cent of immigrant students, while men are in a clear majority among other Norwegian-born children of immigrant parents. Men also dominate in the rest of the population, with 64 per cent. About 54 per cent of the other students attend public schools, compared with 39 per cent of immigrants.

Parents often have upper secondary education
Just over 50 per cent of the students in post-secondary vocational education have parents whose highest level of education is upper secondary school. Thirteen per cent have parents with a basic education, and 28 per cent have parents with a tertiary education.

In comparison, 50 per cent of students at Norwegian universities and colleges have parents with a tertiary education, 34 per cent have upper secondary education and 6 per cent have a basic education.


Source:  SSB / Norway Today

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